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Duvet covers by French Connection are stylish bed coverings that can be found in a wide range of colours and patterns. They are relatively inexpensive and help to keep the bed protected while looking great. When shopping for duvet covers, there are several things that you should keep an eye out for, including design, style, thread count, fabric, and fit. Duvet covers are often purchased online, as many retailers have a wide assortment to choose from. Learn more about duvet covers and why you may want to purchase one for your room.

A Wise Investment

Stylish Duvet Covers

While buying a duvet cover can be costly, it is typically considered a wise investment for several reasons. Using a duvet cover extends the life of the duvet or comforter, by protecting it from spills, rips, and tears. Since many duvets are white, they are highly susceptible to collecting soil and spots. This will ultimately save you in cleaning costs. Most comforters are not able to be washed in home washing machines, but duvet covers can be easily removed and thrown into the washer. Duvet covers are also a great way to change the look of your bed without spending a fortune on new bedding.

The Perfect Dimension

One of the most difficult parts of purchasing duvet covers is finding ones that fit the bedding well. Since there are no standard sizes for duvet covers, you’ll need to measure your current bedding to find the perfect fit. In most cases, a queen duvet cover will fit a queen duvet and king duvet cover will fit a king duvet. Different brands can be off by several inches, so measuring is always a good option. If you fail to measure, you may find that your duvet is slightly too long for your duvet cover.

An Attractive Style

Duvet covers come in a much wider assortment than actual duvets and comforters. This makes the process of finding duvet covers to match your décor much easier. Duvet covers are a highly popular option of bedding, as they often mimic the classic look of comforters and duvets. Modern duvet covers can be found in solid shades or trendy patterns or designs. Duvet sets can also be purchased, including those featuring duvet pillowcases and matching bed skirts. They are also available in a host of materials, including popular cotton, luxurious silk and satin, or even flannel for those chilly nights.

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